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Obviously, in order to obtain images with high quality printing, you must use only high-quality consumables. Regardless of whether you use branded ink from the manufacturer or analog, the result will depend on the configuration of the recording apparatus, and ink from the company's products and photographic paper.

Epson L800 is a unique 6-color printer with built-in ink tank. This device is specially designed for those who need economical printing photos or CD/DVD drive: darkroom, photo salons, private photographers, working at home, and many other business users.

As already known, the basic material for the production of film base are PET, PP and PVC. If you decipher the abbreviations, we can understand that it is polyester, polypropylene and poly-vinyl chloride. In rare cases, the base film is made of polycarbonate or nylon.

How many layers can have a multilayer film? The answer is clear to all, as the title you can see that the film may have two or even more layers. The extrusion process - the application layer, is very complicated and requires a lot of costs (expensive equipment), but even more investment requires a process such as co-extrusion - the simultaneous imposition on the basis of several layers.

The basis for the construction of modern films for lamination mainly serves polietilentereftalat, popularly known as PET or polyester, and polypropylene (PP), and poly-vinyl chloride (PVC). Latin abbreviations PVC, PP and PET are also in vogue. The properties of these polymers and their combinations with the materials of the adhesive layer of the film defines a property value and application of various types of films.