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Printer ink

The main solvent in ink jet printers for home - water, which is completely free of impurities, in other words, the deionized. As the colorant may be a water-soluble dye having an affinity for cellulose to good stain topsheet office or other special paper and to ensure high print quality. Print light and water-resistant images and documents used pigment inks in which the colorant serves pigment water-insoluble colorant.

Ink jet printers represent a complex, multi-layered composition, including a dye, an aqueous solvent, and also the properties and modifiers of various stabilizers. List dyes, modifiers and stabilizers, which are used in the manufacture of ink-jet printers, is quite large, due to the complexity of physical and chemical processes that govern the supply and application of inkjet ink on paper and the need to manage with almost pinpoint accuracy. Specifications for ink jet printers of each manufacturer usually differ markedly.

In addition to de-ionized water and the dyes in the ink for ink-jet printers can contain up to 20 components that provide stable operation of the printer mechanisms and the correct color.


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