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Transfer paper

Paper for the transfer is necessary when printing images on different materials, such as T-shirts, puzzles, mouse pads, mugs, etc.
Paper for transport comes in two types: sublimation and thermal transfer.

Sublimation Paper is a major participant in the process of sublimation transfer images on fabric. Composition sublimation paper particularly loose, thereby impregnated with it all the necessary amount of ink. By means of special chemical treatment applied to the sublimation paper image may evaporate and react with the tissue during sublimation transfer. Giving the image executed while maintaining the brightness and clarity of the drawings.

Thermal transfer paper, you need to transfer the image to the light or dark denim. Full-color high-quality image that is printed on a color inkjet printer is transferred onto the fabric using a thermal press. Transferred in this way the image on T-shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts can withstand machine washing.


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