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You think you make a huge poster on the home printer is unrealistic? Stay with us! After reading the material presented below, you'll be able to create a large-scale printing projects.

Sublimation (physics), or sublimation, called the transition from solid to gaseous state, excluding liquid state.
In psychology, the word refers to the sublimation of stress relief by transforming the creative libidinal energy.

For unknown reasons, matte paper INKWAY not underestimate true, though prints are always beautiful and clear.
Often, it become for printing photos and documents without glare. Ideal for graphics and text documents.

Thermal transfer technology is that the image is applied to the surface with a special two-layer paper (intermediate support) by thermal press. If you decide to perform the procedure at home, you can use an ordinary household iron.

Inks which are used in an inkjet printer, there are two types of (usually) the pigment-based ink (pigment) and based dyes (dye). And in fact, in another form as the solvent is water, but "aqueous molecular or" typically include a dye ink (dye).