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Photo Paper INKWAY

We present you a high-quality photo paper Inkway. Every user wants to print photos on photo paper, high quality, and this, in turn, depends on the type of paper to be used for this purpose. Choosing the right photo paper Inkway provide a very crisp, clear and bright prints. Therefore, the choice of the paper is an important part of the process of printing photos, to which should be a responsible approach.

Consider several types of paper Inkway

Glossy Photo Paper Inkway - received photos will be shine, thereby giving an unusual view of the background of other fingerprints.

Matte Photo Paper Inkway - resulting prints look great with any party with which you are not seeing. Matte photo paper is perfect for professional photo printing

Canvas Inkway - unusual design and a reminder of the canvas can create reproductions of paintings.

Double-sided photo paper Inkway - has a cover 2 for printing photographs and images (glossy and matte surfaces). There is the possibility of combining types of surfaces: matt and glossy.

Self-adhesive photo paper Inkway - paper, designed to create a variety of labels, labels with a quality comparable to a photograph.

Large photographic Inkway - perfect for printing drawings, graphic work, mock-ups. This photo paper can be used as plain paper with a picture or for signs on the street as a poster.


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