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Water and pigment inks for photo printing

Water and pigment inks for photo printing

Inks which are used in an inkjet printer, there are two types of (usually) the pigment-based ink and based dyes. And in fact, in another form as the solvent is water, but "aqueous molecular or" typically include a dye ink.

For ink, based pigment include (pigment) 4 colors requires a special photo paper.

Ink consisting of aqueous dye 6 colors give a more juicy and bright prints.

Basically, much more durable photos (when stored in an album of 100 years) than many realize - because few stores your photos, post them on the street or at the place where constantly get bright sunlight. Most often, they are stored in the albums at home or on the shelves, where there is no major threat to the environment - the sun (UV - rays).

Buy ink for printing photos only from reliable suppliers, the ideal option would be if they also produce photo paper.

How can I further protect photo paper and ink?

  1. Using acrylic paints.
  2. Using lamination.

Acrylic paints are used for finishing images printed on an inkjet photo printer or another. They are intended to protect prints from various mechanical damage, dust, dirt or moisture and UV.

Before using acrylic paints, they need a good shake. The fully dried with a soft image to apply a broad brush or spray. If you need to apply several layers, it is necessary to wait for the drying of each layer separately. Complete drying depends on the environmental conditions and the thickness of the layer and is from 8 to 12 hours.