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Thermal transfer printing

Thermal transfer printing

Thermal transfer technology is that the image is applied to the surface with a special two-layer paper (intermediate support) by thermal press.

If you decide to perform the procedure at home, you can use an ordinary household iron.

Enormous popularity of logos, emblems, decorative elements deposited termotrasferami.

The very same process of applying thermal transfer to any product is called thermal transfer.

For better transfer on the knit fabric, it is necessary to consider several key factors:

  • heating temperature (210 ° C)
  • pressure,
  • holding time at high pressure (15-240 seconds).

If you'll follow all the rules, the excellent thermal transfer will take place, and the quality is up to par.

Heat transfers are used quite widely: for application to a variety of materials, leather, glass, plastic, wood, porcelain, etc..

Thermal transfer application has a number of advantages compared to direct silk-screen printing performed on the fabric:

  1. Transfer of fine lines and details.
  2. You can transfer images to the materials on which it is impossible to put the image quality screen printing method, such as linen, burlap, net fabric, canvas.
  3. Easily applied to finished products with protruding elements such as zippers, buttons, and so forth.
  4. Image quality is much higher than in conventional printing, and more saturated colors.
  5. Heat Transfers are also more economical because it does not leave the cash balances of unsold products, so you can print a large number of prints, and put on production - only those who are in need of immediate sale.
  6. When washing the image retains its original appearance, it does not crack, the color palette is not changed.
  7. When applying the material do not need to be dried in special dryers, since it dries within seconds a very high quality.
  8. If you use thermal transfer industrial or clothing industry, you do not need a large number of huge equipment, and will only need a heat press, which will give you the opportunity to expand jobs.