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Wide range of consumables for ink jet!

INKWAY company offers a wide range of consumables for ink jet

Our main features:

Иконка 1

Comfortable price

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Always available

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High stable quality

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The best attitude to clients

  • The logistics department - will pick for you operative and optimal variant for the price - which will save you money and time
  • Delivery - for orders of up to 7000r free shipping terminal transport company in your town - save your money
  • Warehouses in Russia - will enable close to 90% of your order - so you can save your time
  • Manufacturers - the price from the manufacturer - save your money
  • Advertisement - we do not participate in shows and do not buy advertising services, which are used by other manufacturers laying costs in the price of the product - fair value
  • Transport companies - we have concluded agreements with all the major transport companies (Business Line; Baikal Service; PEC, KIT; Gel d'expedition, the Heads of delivery, etc.) - we respect your preference
  • Quality - our factory is equipped with the latest generation equipment - it allows you to receive an analog paper and ink corresponding to the original 95%


Characteristics of photo paper:

Characteristics of ink:

The basic structure of photo paper:
  1. The playback layer
  2. The polymer layer
  3. The white pigment
  4. The paper substrate
  5. The polymer layer
  6. paving layer
Основной состав фотобумаги
The basic structure of the water-based ink:
  • De-ionized water - a carrier of 60-90%
  • The dye or pigment - provides color ink 1-10%
  • Solvent - Adjusts the viscosity of the ink smazchivost 5-30%
  • Surfactant - a wetting agent
    It adjusts the penetrating ability of ink 0.1-10%
  • Biocide - prevents bacteria 0.05-10%
  • Buffer Additive - controls the pH of ink 0.01-0.5%
  • Other Additives: The chelating agent, anti-foaming agent, stabilizer> 1%


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