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Glossy photo paper INKWAY, 10x15, 180g. 500 sheets
402,44 RUB 418,22 RUB 449,17 RUB 528,61 RUB
Glossy photo paper INKWAY, 10x15, 180g. 500 sheets Glossy photo paper Inkway 10x15 - is a quality paper with a smooth and shiny surface. Through the use of paper Inkway 10x15 perfectly conveys vivid color, clarity and completeness of the picture. When printing, you will get a large number of gradations and shades of color. Glossy Photo Paper 10*15 INKWAY, 180gr. 500 sheets on quality is indistinguishable from the usual picture.

Matte photo paper INKWAY, А4, 170g. 100 sheets

225,46 RUB 234,22 251,75 RUB 295,55 RUB
Matte photo paper INKWAY, А4, 170g. 100 sheets

If you want to quickly and easily print photos on your inkjet photo printer, the matte photo paper Inkway A4 size perfect to achieve this goal. Printing will be performed on high quality. When choosing a matte paper, you need to take into account its density: a light or medium-grade, high-density. In the first case applies moderate shading ink used. In the second case it is possible to apply intense fill. Attention! Try to acquire a maximum ink for better quality photo paper matte Inkway, because the higher it is, the higher the rate of absorbency.

Ink №12 Epson water 100ML BLACK (INKWAY)
64,99 RUB 95,00 RUB 122,00 RUB 148,00 RUB
Ink №12 Epson water 100ML BLACK (INKWAY)

The aqueous ink dyed paper, penetrates between its fibers to the required depth, together with such ink that scatter light rays. Their popularity is due to the relatively small cost. Moreover, if they dry when used on the print head, it is quite easy to clean.

In some cases, aqueous ink give a pale-colored print, but it is fixable by adjusting the software and choose wisely paper.

Water-based ink - long-term results and ease of use.

The aqueous ink for inkjet printers Epson L800, T50, T59, P50, 1410, R270, R290, R295, R390, RX590, RX610, RX615, RX690

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