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Photo paper INKWAY with the benefit of 15-20%

Price entire paper Inkway 15-20% lower than other manufacturers

There is usually no gimmicks, we offer printing supplies 15-20% lower than those of other producers for two reasons:

  • The price of your order is no extra charge for the content provider, hundreds of square meters of storage space.
  • We do without advertising and exhibitions. Marketing costs that are paid by the buyer of course, bypass the budget of your company party.
Company INKWAY offers free shipping to the terminal moving company in your town.
Immediate replacement of defective products..

When buying equipment for sublimation additional 5% discount
Широкоформатный холст 24 (610мм) x 30м 330 гр/м2 (ЛЁН) Фотобумага Inkway Глянцевая, А4, 230гр. 100 листов
Wide-format canvas  24" (610mm) x 30m
330 g/m2 (LINEN)

The price of its nearest competitor: 8136 RUB
Price INKWAY: 6911 RUB
Price when purchased with the press: 6300 RUB
Glossy photo paper Inkway А4,
230g. 100 sheets

The price of its nearest competitor: 649 RUB
Price INKWAY: 509р
Price when purchased with the press: 475 RUB
Total savings of 15-20% compared to the prices of competitors

INKWAY Manager has all the necessary information to work with both physical and legal persons, as of unformatted order - without the expense of refinement and nuance leadership.

Your problems are solved with maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Delivery is made to the maximum of your nearest branch, carrier services in the shortest possible time.

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