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Matte photo paper 10x15, 180 g., 600 sheets

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Inkway 10x15 matte paper used to print various brochures, handbills, portfolio, etc. If you use the lightest grade matte photo paper Inkway, it is best to use a moderate fill sheets of ink used. If applied matte photo paper high or medium density, the fill should be chosen intensive. High-quality ink is quickly absorbed, thus dries in minutes. This nuance provides the ability to print on the other side matte paper Inkway.

Photographic mat Inkway 10x15 has a coating that looks at scaling mountainous terrain. This incident light is required to dissipate a very different angle. The resulting image on matte photo paper Inkway 10x15 never seen the glare and the resulting line will appear sharp, high contrast.

Matte Photo Paper Inkway 10x15 is perfect for printing photos and images, which will not tire the eyes of users. The images obtained in this photo paper is easy to notice small details: maps, drawings, charts, etc.. Only slightly inferior to matt glossy photo paper Inkway the quality of the transmitted color.

Volume 0.0029
Weight 1.7
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