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Glossy photo paper 610 mm, 120 g., 30 meters

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Front: glossy
Density: 120 g/m2
Width: 24 inches (610 mm)
Length: 30 m

Large glossy photo paper used for printing posters, presentations, posters, billboards, proofing, signage, etc. Varnish allows quality printing ultra-thin lines, smooth color transitions and full-color contrast. Covering paper provides a quick drying ink and along with it excluded them spreading in intensive casting. In addition, large-surface glossy paper 120 g / m2 is resistant to scratching. When placing the printed material outdoors it is recommended to use additional protection: laminated, placed under glass and others.

When printing on photo paper, glossy widescreen with a density of up to 150 grams is recommended to use water-based ink. When printing on glossy photo paper density of 210 gr. It can be used as water-soluble inks, and pigment.

Volume 0.009
Weight 2.9
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