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Double sided glossy photo paper A3, 180 g., 50 sheets

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If you are a fan of bright and flashy images, photos or any other images, if you want this full-color printing on both sides. Then double-sided A3 glossy photo paper designed for you.

A3 Glossy Photo Paper has a special smooth, shiny surface for printing photos and images. Glossy Photo Paper A3 perfectly transmits rich, vibrant colors with a variety of shades of colors and shades. After printing on glossy photo paper its form will match the photos. This type of paper is considered to be the best paper for the printing of high quality and vivid images.

When printing on glossy photo paper A3 best used water-based ink. While, as the pigment ink should not be used because they contain in the structure a very large particles which are lubricated. The aqueous ink for a small period of time and soak dry, giving you a very stable and rich image.

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