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Sublimation ink Inkway S2 Black 100 ml

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Sublimation ink for inkjet printers Epson L800, T50, T59, P50, 1410, R270, R290, R295, R390, RX590, RX610, RX615, RX690

Volume: 100 ml
Color: black

For a modern, colorful packaging sublimation ink INKWAY S2 Black 100 ml of hiding a number of spectacular advantages that consumers do not want to change the consumables on the more expensive counterparts.

Firstly, the new formulation allows the creation of an ink image on the media, and polymers having a polymer coating and micropores. Secondly, Consumable significantly reduces printing in comparison with competitors. Third, universal sublimation inks work well in tandem with textiles or ceramics. In addition, do not replace the consumables for creating flags, posters and souvenirs.

Volume 0.0003
Weight 0.126
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