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Pigment ink Inkway №13 Yellow 100 ml

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Pigment ink for inkjet printers Epson Stylus L100, S22, SX125, BX305F, SX425W, SX420W, TX200, TX209, TX400, TX409, X209, TX210, TX219, TX410, TX419, TX550W, C79, C91, C110, CX3900, CX4300, CX4900 , CX5500, CX5900, CX6900F, CX7300, CX8300, CX9300F

Volume: 100 ml
Color: yellow

Pigment in the ink is called colored solid particles having the characteristics of a solid body, such as diameter, volume, and others. The pigments in the ink are severely comminuted form a particle size of less than 0.1 microns.

In contrast, the aqueous ink in the pigment ink as a colorant in the solid pigment (minute particles of inorganic substances). Pigment inks have greater water resistance than the aqueous ink, and a longer life, but there are drawbacks: pigment ink is not very good pass shades and are more expensive.

When using the pigment ink print documents obtained very clear, the letters and numbers are not blurred even on the bad paper. And most importantly - images are waterproof and light resistance. With these advantages are indispensable pigment inks when printing images for outdoor applications, such as on the street.

Volume 0.0003
Weight 0.126
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