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Sublimation ink Inkway S1 Light Magenta 100 ml

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Sublimation ink for Epson inkjet printers

Volume: 100 ml
Color: light magenta

Sublimation Inks INKWAY Light Magenta 100 ml are widely used to print images of varying complexity on aprons, mugs, T-shirts, workpieces made of metal or plastic, etc. Such inks are highly resistant to cracking, chipping and the turbidity. High performance persist for quite a long time.

This type of ink used is doubly beneficial as they, along with a special sublimation paper, create the image on all inkjet printers Epson. Thus itself sublimation transfer image by means of thermal press which is heated to the optimum temperature.

Ink Inkway Light Magenta - is the result of many tests, which represents consumers an excellent alternative to more expensive counterparts without sacrificing quality.

Volume 0.00025
Weight 0.12
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